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According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, torticollis is a condition in which a shortened muscle in the neck causes an infant’s head to be tilted to one side and also results in difficulty with turning to the opposite side. The condition is thought to be caused by abnormal positioning of the baby while in the uterus. Signs of symptoms include abnormal positioning of the head, and limited neck range of motion. For example, if the muscle on the right side of the neck is shortened or in spasm, the head may tilt toward the right shoulder and rotate toward the left.

How can physical therapy help?

Our physical therapists will work the patient and their caregiver/s to develop an individuals treatment program to stretch and lengthen the tight muscle. Strengthening exercises will also be prescribed in order to correct any muscle imbalances that may be present. Massage technique and specific positioning strategies may also be utilized to promote resolution of torticollis.

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