Conditions Treated

Post-Surgical Joint Care

Sometimes injuries or degenerative conditions will require surgery to help you return to your best level of function. If you and your surgeon decide that surgery is necessary to manage your condition, you should next consider options for maximizing your overall results and recovery following the procedure.

How can physical therapy help?

Multiple members of our clinical team have experience working in hospital and sub-acute rehab settings where they’ve helped patients immediately following their surgical procedures. They can utilize those skills to help you transition your care to the outpatient setting and maximize your results. As we guide you through the different phases of your post-surgical rehabilitation, we will maintain close contact with your physician to ensure that the appropriate treatment protocols are being followed. At your first visit, we will perform a comprehensive examination and then initiate a treatment plan based on your condition and goals. Because of our focus on neurorehabilitation, our practice has helped many patients with neurologic conditions (e.g. MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke) recover from surgical procedures for the knees, hips, shoulders, spine, and more.

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