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Pain of any type that occurs in any part of the head is typically referred to as a headache. There are many different types of headaches, with just as many causes. The International Headache Society describes several different categories of headache including : Tension-type, Migraine and cluster, Secondary headaches from an underlying condition (fever, disease, sinus, etc.), as well Cranial neuralgias/facial pain.

Headaches that recur frequently can affect your ability to do your daily activities and can reduce your quality of life. There is effective treatment for almost every type of headache. The challenge lies in determining the type of headache, its cause, and in developing an appropriate treatment plan that will reduce both its frequency and intensity. Members of our team will work WITH your physician to help determine the type of headache you have. Our providers are trained in the management of headaches that present with a neck or tension component.

How can physical therapy help?

Your physical therapist will conduct a thorough examination that includes a review of your health history. Your therapist will ask you questions and will perform tests to determine the most likely cause of your headaches. A member of our team will ask about any previous injuries to the head, neck or jaw as well as the location and quality of your headache. A comprehensive physical exam will also help us to determine potential causes of or contributors to your headache.

Based on your evaluation, a member of our team may refer you to another health care professional for additional diagnostic tests or medical management. Our providers will work with you and your physician to correct the problems that are causing your headaches and will help you learn to prevent headaches through simple changes in your posture and lifestyle.

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