Conditions Treated

Sacroiliac Dysfunction

The sacroiliac (or “SI”) joint where your pelvic bones connect to the base of your spine, or sacrum. As a result, we all have two SI joints. SI Dysfunction can cause low back or pelvic pain and is usually the result of either too much or too little mobility at one or both SI joints. When this occurs, the two sides may be unable to work together as they usually would which can create pain. Potential causes for SI dysfunction include hormonal changes due to menstrual cycles or pregnancy, falls or other trauma, muscle imbalances or overuse.

How can physical therapy help?

We will first conduct a comprehensive examination beginning with your health history. We will also want to know about what the pain feels like, how and when the pain began, what makes the pain better or worse, and what your daily activities consist of. Then we will assess your posture, range of motion, strength, gait (walking), and perhaps stair climbing or other functional tasks to help us determine any underlying movement impairments that may be causing your pain. Palpation of the involved region and special tests to help us determine the cause of your issues with increased confidence will also be performed. Finally, treatment will include targeted corrective exercises and hand on techniques. Manual therapy can help to correct pelvis or SI joint alignment. Overall rehab will be focused on decreasing pain, improving range of motion, building core strength, and getting you back to your normal activities! Before the end of your therapy episode you will also learn strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence of your SI pain.

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